Wentz Detailing is a professional detailing service offering you a full range of services to restore your vehicle’s finish and appearance, both inside and out. Your vehicle is an investment, and it’s cleanliness and appearance is not only something that you take pride in, but is important to protecting its value. As your vehicle is subjected to the elements, its finish can become scratched, blemished, and dull, even from car washes, and the interior suffers from everyday use.

​​At Wentz Detailing, we have been detailing vehicles since 1976. We are particular about how we treat every vehicle, taking care to use the softest cloths and premium quality products to give your vehicle its best appearance possible, while helping protect it from future damage. We strive for complete customer satisfaction in all our work, and offer a variety of packages, so you can choose the level of service that best fits your needs and your budget.

Detailing services available by appointment. Stop by or call us at 610-377-3710